5 Activities To Do During Quarantine!

1. Meditate

The best way to take a step back from the busy world is to just take 10 minutes a day to meditate. Meditation can help with anxiety and stress, and also boosts your mood. Some of our favorite apps are Headspace or Calm. 

2. Netflix

What better way to unwind an de-stress than watching one of your favorite TV shows on Netflix? Some of our favorite shows for a good laugh include Brooklyn 99 and Friends.

3. Take a Bath

We love taking a nice and hot bubble bath. Add a glass of your favorite red wine and turn on your favorite show for the perfect duo to unwind. We love Lush bath bombs for the perfect bubble bath. Some of our favorites are the Twilight and Deep Sleep bath bombs. 

4. Take a Walk Outside

Go for a 15 minute walk when you're feeling bored or if you've been working from home all day and need a light exercise. It might not seem like a major activity but trust us, you will feel much more refreshed and content after!

5. Journal

If you find yourself having too many thoughts running in your mind, take a piece of paper or your favorite journal to jot down those thoughts. It is so much better than bottling up your feelings and thoughts and you will feel much lighter afterwards. Check out one of our favorite journals here!

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