Outdoor Winter Fun During COVID-19

Spending time outdoors should be a priority every year, especially since we’ve been stuck at home for most of the year due to COVID-19. Make the most of this winter with these fun outdoor activities!

Winter fun activities to do during COVID-19. Play in the snow, rent a cabin, hit the slopes!


1. Play in the snow

Who says adults can’t build snowmen and have *SNOW* much fun too! If you have kids, we’re sure they’d love to have you play in the snow with them. It might be cold so bundle up!


2. Rent a cabin 

Head to the mountains for a little getaway this winter. Be sure to pack everything you need so you don’t have to pick anything up once you arrive! Go on a beautiful walk, hit the slopes or just relax by the fire. Either way, don’t forget your Kyi Kyi!


3. Go skating

Head to your local park or arena and get some exercise while having some fun. If those are all closed due to COVID-19, try making your very own rink in your backyard if time and space permits! 


4. Hit the slopes

Grab your skis or your toboggan for an afternoon of fun on the mountains! Race on down or take the scenic route and enjoy the ride.


5. Go star gazing

Sit back and relax on your porch and enjoy the view that surrounds us. Take in the beautiful lights and the calming sounds.

Here are a few more things you can enjoy with those in your household:

  • Have a snowball fight
  • Go snowshoeing
  • Make snow angels
  • Have a winter bonfire

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