What To Do This Winter When You're Stuck At Home

After spending almost a year at home already, the thought of a quarantine winter can be hard to think about. Here are some activities you can enjoy with those in your household to get you through!

Activities to do at home during quarantine this winter

1. Bake

Grab your cookbook, put on your apron and get baking! Not only does it pass the time but you end up with some tasty treats. Looking for a new recipe? Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration!


2. Watch movies

Grab some popcorn, a cozy blanket, your loved ones, and head to the couch! Re-watch a family favorite or search through the endless options of new movies. 


3. Have a game night

Game nights are a great way to have some family time and reconnect. Not only that, but they are a great way to teach life lessons and communication skills to kids. So pull out your favorites and sit around the table to have some good old fashion fun!


4. Take on DIY projects

Make a wreath, knit a blanket, or create a photobook, DIYs are a great way to spend your time at home. Take on these projects just for fun or start to learn a new skill that’s fun and fulfilling!


5. Host a virtual party

While we can’t physically be with friends and family, Zoom or FaceTime is a great way to stay connected while apart. Set up a time to catch up and check in on eachother.

Looking for more activities to keep you busy? Here’s a few more ideas to keep you entertained.

  • Sit by the fireplace
  • Read a book
  • Organize your home
  • Have a make your own pizza night
  • Create a memory box
  • Pick up a new hobby

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