Kyi Kyi's newest arrival

 Introducing our new summer collection. We are now launching our very first summer collection to the retail public. If you have been around, you know we stand behind our one in a kind craftsmanship. Our Summer line has been carefully produced with you in mind. We want you to feel stylish, have fun, and own a hat that will last!

The Brand

What sets Kyi Kyi apart?

We are master furriers with decades of industry experience, using the most luxurious, visually stunning materials in our products.

We don’t stop at function. Every style in the Kyi Kyi product range is designed to enhance our customer’s winter wardrobe.

Our selection is vast enough to suit the needs of our target customer, who loves to have options.

We offer oversized fur and faux fur pom-pom beanies, felt, leather wool, angora hats, headbands, scarves, keychains, earmuffs and more.

We don’t outsource our production, but oversee everything ourselves in our vintage factory located in Montreal, Quebec. This means we can customize the product to create something our fashion-forward customer will truly love.

Our products have been sold in the world’s most recognized department stores across the globe.

Most of all, we LIVE the #winterlife so we’re one step ahead of the market.

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To determine your hat size, measure the CBJ. A crown brim junction (CBJ) is the measurement of the circumference of your head.  Wrap a tape measure over the central forehead area and around your head to mimic the natural position of a hat, just above the brow line and ears. Check the size chart given below to find the closest match. For in-between measurements use the next size up. 


Size Chart







21 12

22 14


23 34

24 12

Metric (cm)

54 - 55

55 - 57

57 - 59

59 - 61

61 - 63

US Size

634 - 678

678 - 718

718 - 738

738 - 758

758 - 778 


Tip for gift buying: The average female head size is Medium. 



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